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  • "Trying to describe Bill in only a few sentences is very difficult for me. There simply are not enough words to state how truly passionate, caring, and inspiring he is to anyone who crosses his path. There is no better person to really help you achieve your goals and to get the most out of life than Bill!"
    - C. Harris, B.S., Accounting, Douglasville, PA
  • "I met Coach Bill through softball but his optimism, knowledge, motivation, and skill helped me in ways well beyond. He has helped me overcome challenges and has helped me make lasting changes (in a good way) regarding the way I look at new obstacles and situations." - T. Church, B.S., Business Informatics, Glen Mills, PA
  • "Coach Bill is an enthusiastic, up-beat motivator who has impacted not only my life but several of the players on our college team. He is intelligent and he uses an outside-the-box approach to many things and helps one to find new perspective on many common topics. He is creative, resourceful, and a genuinely caring person." - E. Antonucci, Physical Therapy, Nesconset, NY
  • "Coach Bill has the uncanny knack for connecting with individuals in a way that is skill-based and user friendly. His enthusiasm and love for people (and the game) are evident and allows him to immediately connect with students and their families." - J. A. Lawson, Ed.D., Executive Director of Education, Cecil County, MD
  • "My daughter started working with Bill in the fall of 2013, (age 10). 'He is a trusted mentor and true role model' (her words). I believe it's because he has this combination of super-charged positive energy, humor, and an uncanny ability to read people. He just brings out the best in his clients." - L. Owsiany & H. Owsiany, 8th grade student and Tournament Softball Player, Chichester, PA
  • "My daughter started working with Coach Bill at the age of 13. He made an immediate impact on her play and hitting. She has become the starting catcher on her tournament team and a sought after college recruit but most importantly, she says, 'I feel so much better as a player and as a person after I see him!' " - K. Gordy, New Castle, DE
  • "Bill has been blessed with a gift for connecting with not only the athlete, but people in general. He exudes such energy, passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the game and beyond; Coach Bill has been a true mentor for both our daughter and us." - G. Solge and H. Solge, 8thGrade Student and Tournament Softball Player, Wilmington, DE
  • "I have known Bill for almost 10 years. I have had the privilege to work one-on-one with him and I am always left feeling excited about life; completely empowered! I look forward to every session. He truly is an inspiring, genuine, motivating individual and I highly recommend his coaching to anyone and everyone!" - M. Curtis, Hair Stylist, Holmes, PA
  • "I was fortunate to meet Bill through Widener University. Bill was instantly approachable. He has the uncanny ability to read and connect with people. He is extremely intelligent but very adept at filtering his understanding of people (and leadership) to people on the level of the individual or group. I would highly recommend Bill to any who are looking to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills. Bill will help you raise your performance to exciting new levels!" - Jim Newlon, PGA Professional Instructor Head Coach, Men's and Women's Golf, Widener University
  • "Bill's powerful message on personal awareness and the process toward self-mastery has changed the way I do "business". His insight and positive energy has laid the foundation for growth, understanding, and a "Champion" mindset both for me personally and for Widener University Softball. Bill has been a big factor in our success and these skills have been invaluable to me and our program! - Fred Dohrmann, Head Softball Coach, Widener University Softball, 2017 MAC Champions

Services Provided

"If we are not learning, we are dying; Learning is a business imperitive, not a luxury or 'warm-fuzzy.' " (Senge, 2006).


Keynote Speaking
Leadership/Executive Coach

Master-Mind Group Facilitator
High-Performance Team-Building
Leadership Development
Team Develpment
Personal Development
Christian Life Coach                                                  


          As a professional coach, I focus on Human Development and, in particular, the building of Personal Mastery, resulting in extraordinary outcomes for individuals, leaders, and teams.  Values drive behavior (Hartman, 1951) toward need satisfaction (Maslow, 1947; Bandura, 1977).  By understanding an individual’s intrinsic motivation as well as the extrinsic processes which he values and integrates internally, a term called autonomous motivation (Deci & Ryan, 1977), we can therefore provide predictability in behavior.  Through self-awareness, we can learn to recognize the behavior patterns and defense mechanisms in ourselves that lead us down the path to struggle and strife.  Once we recognize these patterns and our triggers, we can learn and develop strategies to help us make better choices with our behavior (self-mastery), achieve sound judgment even while under duress and stress, and begin to experience greater efficiency and performance in the workplace.  These are key components of emotional intelligence (Goleman, Boyatzis, & McKee, 2002) and systems thinking (Senge, 1990, 2006) which are essential to leadership and personal development, but perhaps more importantly, these processes and strategies can be learned and developed through the coaching process.

          Understanding the full scope of one's traits, talents, attitude, affect, social drives, and values also enhances our knowledge of the type of culture, roles, tasks, and techniques along with their learning style, communication style, and other intangibles an individual brings to an organization in addition to their resume (i.e. education, knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences) that an individual needs in order to thrive.  These are the universal keys to successful leadership, personal development, emotional resilience as well as organizational productivity and sustainability.  But it is simply the starting point of the insight and services The 415 Group can provide you and your team/organization.  

1. Through Understanding Self, People will:
    • Become less defensive and more likely to contribute positively
    • Have increased levels of engagement through awareness of “avoidance patterns”
    • Understand how their Personal Mastery facilitates a learning organization

2. Through Understanding Others, People will:
    • Learn to recognize and work with others’ similarities and differences
    • Increase inclusion & integration so the value of diversity is recognized
    • Shift from judging to appreciating

3. Through Understanding the Team, People will:
    • Understand what a high-performance team looks like and what “they” need to do to get there
    • Maintain a healthy, constructive team environment, no politics
    • Unlock areas of “stuckness” and open the way to High Performance

4. Through Managing Conflict Effectively, the Team will:
    • Move beyond the basic Forming or Storming stages to High Performance
    • Be able to constructively challenge each other
    • Resolve issues timely

5. Through Giving & Receiving Feedback, the Team will:
    • Improve through open and honest communication
    • Develop and live a learning culture
    • Recognize and enable great performance

6. Through Building Trust & Common Values, the Team will
    • Communicate without judgment
    • Align around common values and develop a sense of purpose
    • Develop deeper meaningful relationships

7. Through Collaborating Effectively, the Team will
    • Move beyond a silo mentality
    • Work together instead of protecting self-interests
    • Drive a culture of innovation and productivity

8. Through Developing Thinking Skills, the Team will
    • Enhance overall work product and output
    • Enable problem-solving, while still letting leaders lead
    • Have more time to do the job they were hired to do

9. Through Building Resilience, the Team will
    • Support each other in times of difficulty
    • Embrace change and lead a path forward
    • Build Emotional Maturity and Personal Mastery

        Imagine the benefits your organization would reap if it could strategically hire candidates based on their talents, and then help them leverage those talents to perform with strength.  Motivation and engagement levels would soar.  Turnover and attrition would be minimized.  Associates would eagerly come to work each day if given the opportunity to do what they do best, and their innovation and enthusiasm would fuel productivity and drive profits organically (Gallup, 2008).

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